In Nutraceutic Labs you will find the opportunity for your nutraceutical beverages, Ready to Drink Energy , detox drinks and liquid vitamins. Nutraceutic Labs is your source for functional beverage manufacturing. We are ready to help you capitalize on emerging beverage market opportunities. Whether you have your own product idea or desire a turn-key solution, we help you to get it.




We produce a wide variety of powder formulations including the highest quality whey protein isolate powders, herbal drink mixes, flavored vitamin mineral  blends and nutritional supplements for sports nutrition.
​This is a popular form for high dosage products such as diet and fiber drinks. We specialize in Protein powders, 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate , L-Glutamine, meal replacement drinks, Green Juices and custom blends. We can provide these products in packaged jars, bags, pouches or other presentations. 


Create vitamin and supplement tablets and enhance your product line so customers can easily distinguish from among different tablets, dosages in almost any size and shape you need.



Capsules are very popular in dietary supplements . Our equipment enables us to provide you with the highest degree of quality and uniformity. We have a high-speed machines designed to produce  industry leading quality to  specifications.
Nutraceutic Labs provides a wide range of multi-vitamins/minerals, sport nutrition and much more. You can choose from either gelatin or vegetable-based, two-piece hard-shell capsules  in several colors, sizes and compositions.

NUTRACEUTIC LABS is fully compliant with current manufacturing and specializes in-house development (production formulation concept analysis) of capsules, tablets, powder, liquids.

Nutritional supplement, Vitamins, Minerals, Natural Herbs,  and packaging​.

Nutraceutic Labs Manufacturer Packager Tablets Capsules Powders Liquids Creams Stevia Dietary 


Whether you have a small project or an extensive one, our facility can adapt to your specific needs.

We specialize in special formulations of high quality sweeteners, 0 calories and low calories, such as Stevia, Monk Fruit, Sucralose, etc

​Additionally, our packaging operations include formulation, production and assisting in label design.


High-quality products, a multi-skilled workforce,  fully automatic and high-speed packaging lines that include foil induction sealing, neck bands, full sleeve ovens,  labelers, line fillers, mixers product counters and hands on supervision.  

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